Most important for Windows

This is what the computer screen will look like with Windows 10 Home.

◾ For private and all other areas

◾ Simple system clean-ups

◾ Privacy protection

◾ Excellent virus protection and firewall

◾ UBS e-banking with smartphone via QR code or card reader

◾ More privacy in e-banking thanks to web browser

◾ Surf the Internet anonymously

◾ Customise the start menu to your own taste

◾ Customise the taskbar to your taste

◾ Efficiently handle mails

◾ Word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and drawing programme

◾ Recording sound from the computer

◾ Viewing and editing pictures

◾ Creating and editing screenshots

◾ Internet radio with many stations from home and abroad

◾ Measure speeds and data volumes from the Internet

◾ Manage contacts, appointments and tasks

◾ Deleted files cannot be recovered

◾ Introductions to the changes