Most important for sipcall

The FRITZ!APP FON with sipcall then looks something like this.

◾ For private and all other areas

◾ Highest availability with excellent voice quality

◾ Making calls with your landline phone, computer and smartphone

◾ Free calling and faxing with the same provider

◾ One free Swiss phone number per account

◾ Porting of existing telephone number(s)

◾ No basic charges, contract periods or connection fees

◾ Numbers from the area code 032

◾ Top numbers are available for an additional charge

◾ Top up account by credit card or bank transfer

◾ Blocking anonymous calls and service numbers

◾ Anonymous calls

◾ Fax with device or without device

◾ No maintenance and investment in telephone systems

◾ Upgrade possible at any time

◾ Introductions to the changes