Most important for AVM

The AVM FRITZ!Boxes deliver fast Internet connections and you enjoy full comfort.

AVM Router 6850 LTE with cellular connection

AVM Router 7590 with telephone connection.

AVM Router 6591 with cable connection.

AVM Router 5490 with fibre optic connection.

AVM WLAN Repeater 600 without LAN connection.

AVM WLAN Repeater 1200 with LAN connection.

AVM WLAN Repeater 2400 with LAN connection.

AVM DECT telephone C6.

◾ For private and all other areas

◾ Up to 253 devices per router

◾ Telephone system with DECT base for up to 6 cordless phones per router

◾ Information on updates with new functions and securities

◾ Overview of usage and connection data by e-mail

◾ Measurements of speeds and data volume from the Internet

◾ Phone book in the user interface and for landline telephones

◾ When the ring lock is active, it can also ring for important persons

◾ Call waiting, call forwarding, internal calls, three-party conferences and transfers

◾ Call barring for incoming and outgoing calls

◾ Answering machine with greeting templates or your own greeting message

◾ Messages from the answering machine by e-mail

◾ Send fax in the user interface or with the computer

◾ Receiving faxes by e-mail

◾ Internet blocking lists, for example for children

◾ Range increases for WLAN and LAN

◾ WLAN guest access

◾ 5-year manufacturer's warranty

◾ Introductions to the changes